Stage 8 - Occupational Medical

Stage 8

Medical assessments for candidates successful to this stage will be coordinated by the RNC Recruitment Team. This medical assessment will be completed by a professional designated by the RNC. This stage will determine any physical problems which may interfere with the candidate’s ability to meet the occupational requirements of an officer with the RNC.  The medical assessment consists of a physical examination as well as a urine test at a clinic determined by the designated medical doctor.  Applicant's will also be asked to have blood work completed, a chest x-ray and an EKG.  A fee of approximately $250.00 will be paid to the medical facility by the Candidate.

In addition,  a hearing test will need to be completed and will formulate part of the overall medical assessment.  The hearing assessment will be done by an audiologist of the candiates choosing the results will be forwarded to the RNC designated Medical facility.

For more information on these assessments, please contact the Recruiting Office at (709) 729-0130 or e-mail us at