Stage 5 - Polygraph Examination

Stage 5

After the interview assessment with the Selection Board, an applicant may be asked to attend a polygraph examination. Pre-employment polygraphs are conducted by a polygraph examiner. After initial introductions and the completion of required administrative forms, this stage will progress to a review of the questions and responses provided in your application.

The polygraph examiner will also explain how the polygraph instrument is used. He or she will then ask you to participate in a brief examination wherein you are asked a selection of questions while monitored by the sensors of the polygraph instrument.

The polygraph examiner makes no decisions regarding applicants' overall suitability and reliability to become a police officer. After a polygraph is completed, the examiner will submit a report to the Recruiting Office. The Selection Board will review these reports along with all information contained within an applicants' file and decide whether to recommend that they proceed to the next stages. Applicants are holistically assessed on their performance in all stages of the selection process in order to determine their overall suitability to a career in policing. The polygraph is just one of many tools used to help the RNC verify that an applicant is the person they have claimed to be in their application and interview with the Selection Board.