About Us

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) is Newfoundland and Labrador's Provincial Police Service. The RNC dates back to 1729, with the appointment of the first police constables. In the 19th century, the RNC was modelled after the Royal Irish Constabulary with the secondment in 1844 of Timothy Mitchell of the Royal Irish Constabulary to be Inspector General, making it the oldest civil police force in North America.



The RNC believes in:

       •     Protecting and helping people;

       •     Treating people with respect;

       •     Delivering police services compassionately, ethically and free of bias;

       •     Using police authority judiciously;

       •     Seeking the truth;

       •     Working with the community to identify and resolve crime and disorder problems; and

       •     Being approachable, accessible and of service to every individual.


Within the organization the RNC believes in:

       •     Embracing change;

       •     Approaching duty diligently and enthusiastically;

       •     Continuing the professional development of each individual through education and training;

       •     Being a team player - acting in harmony, being respectful and supportive of individuals; and

       •     Upholding the proud traditions of policing and the RNC.Seeking the truth.